Less would equal nothing: Extra low-spatter welding

Efficiency in an industrial welding context mainly translates to the ability of reducing to the minimum the need for expensive rework after the actual welding work is finished. This is why Lorch has been focusing on even more ways to reduce the tendency to produce spatter in all machines of the S-series. And, our engineers have come through for us yet again by implementing a host if improvements such as even faster, yet moderate, correction interventions of the control during pulse welding with SpeedPulse XT. Or, enhanced arc control in slope phases. Or, the ability to adjust arc length and arc dynamic at the same time. Or, additional ignition parameters… or …

And, their success has proven them right: Lorch customers capable of exploiting the full potential of our new S-series managed to reduce the amount of spatter to “practically” zero. This outcome pleases the welder just as much as the person responsible for production.