You now even have a way to ensure that you will feel great while welding

Lorch’s new S-series comes with innovative dynamic control, which makes it possible for the welder to fine-tune the arc characteristics for all new welding programs until they perfectly match the workpiece and the welding task at hand. For an even better seam and an extremely good feel whilst welding.

A turn of the control knob is all it takes to set the arc to soft or hard or anywhere in between. SpeedPulse XT also boasts a large number of additional parameters that have a beneficial effect on the weld penetration geometry and, thus, positively influence the weld penetration reliability, particularly during stainless steel welding. These capabilities swiftly turn the welder and his machine into a dynamic duo.

The dynamic control allows the welder to set the arc to a wider or narrower arc - just as he pleases and requires.