Experience the new S-XT now!

The arc makes all the difference.

Welding is extremely hard work.
What makes a tough job even harder are the wide-ranging requirements that call for a specific appearance, quality and geometry of the weld seam.In today’s world of cut-throat industrial competition, you will not be able to satisfy these rigorous requirements unless you bring the right amount of experience and expert equipment to the table.There is, however, another decisive factor that is easily overlooked, but which plays a major role in producing top-tier and, first and foremost, profitable welding results: you need to possess the right feel for the arc. Only if welder and machine function as a unit will they be able to attain welding results that are profitable over the long run. If you manage to meet these requirements, you will complete your welding tasks with more efficiency, saving both cold hard cash and valuable time.

Capable of handling any MIG-MAG pulse welding challenges the welder has to overcome or can throw at it – our new Lorch S-series allows the welder to adapt the machines to his specific requirements and preferences. Affording him the ability to stay in full control of the arc at all times, Lorch S-series machines make it possible for the welder to weld steel, stainless steel, and even CuSi with extremely little spatter and perfect weld pool control. The welder will experience sheer elation the moment he starts enjoying the new powerful XT and Speed processes, the optimised operating concept and the exceptional level of customisability the machines have to offer for all applications in trade and industry along with the extensive range of accessories that leave nothing to be desired.

Sounds great, does it not? And, it feels even better and will win you over with the first weld you complete: the new S-series engineered by Lorch.

All benefits at a glance

  • Infinitely variable welding inverter for MIG-MAG pulsed arc welding
  • Available in three power variants with 320 A, 400 A and 500 A that are designed for real-world applications and allow for fully customised configurations
  • Duty cycle at maximum current, varying with the power variant - 40%, 50%, and 60%
  • New, patented SpeedPulse XT process for faster and more relaxed pulse welding
  • Powerful new SpeedArc XT and TwinPuls XT processes
  • Enhanced: SpeedUp, SpeedRoot, SpeedCold and other Speed processes
  • Variable arc length control for welding without errors in all positions
  • Dynamic control for XT and standard processes
  • Arc can be adjusted specifically for starting, welding and end phases
  • Including electrode welding function
  • As an S-RoboMIG model for a wide range of robot and automation solutions
  • Intuitive operating concept with optimised control panel
  • Patented current-voltage combo control for perfect arc control
  • Optimised cooling system with up to 35% more cooling output
  • Revamped, completely transportable industrial housing
  • Quatromatic function
  • Possibility for remote control torch with the Powermaster torch
  • Available as a mobile system, a compact system or with separate wire feeder case
  • Can be completely automated (LorchNet connection, robot interface or bus coupling)
  • Manufactured and tested according to DIN EN 60974-1, with CE mark, S-symbol and IP 23
  • Extensive accessories