SpeedCold – for cold hard efficiency during thin sheet welding

SpeedCold keeps the arc stable during thin sheet welding and puts an end to pesky sticky spatter. The new Lorch S-series with SpeedCold will even weld sheets as thin as 0.5 mm and eliminates the need for rework almost entirely. Any spatter that does occur is so “cold” that it will usually not stick to the material. SpeedCold truly shines when used for welding butt, lap and corner welds on thin sheet metal. Responding in milliseconds to any changes in the arc, the SpeedCold control is distinguished by its exceptional weld seam control as well as the outstanding seam shaping and gap bridging properties, especially on CrNi steel. Lower heat input means less rework thanks to less distortion, less spatter and reduced use of energy. And, we have not even talked about the speed advantages this process has to offer. You cannot ask for much more.

Shown as a comparison in the image on the left: a welded corner seam. Standard short arc welding (left): Rapidly advancing weld pool that is about to drop off. SpeedCold (right): Welded in full with utmost speed and reliability (35 cm/min).