SpeedPulse XT

Extra fast. Extra low-spatter. Extra proficient handling.

SpeedPulse XT turns you into the undisputed Master of the Arc.
This is assured by the patented control technology of the new Lorch S-series.
It combines the new process and all of the benefits of the earlier SpeedPulse welding process.

Instead of making him break out in a sweat during pulse welding, the SpeedPulse XT afford the welder such extra freedoms as the ability to influence the arc by changing the distance between torch and workpiece.Better still, the new S-series responds with unprecedented speed and accuracy. And, it delivers this type of speed and accuracy in every pulse phase. These properties allow the welder to guide the arc more safely and intuitively and to transfer even the slightest correction into the welding process without any delay. The S-series, thereby, produces results that you can see as well as feel.

Add the extremely robust and stable properties of the arc, and you will get: improved handling, higher quality with next to no spatter and, consequently, a much lower amount of rework.This is what we call welding at the pulse of time.

Here is a high-speed image of what welding at the pulse of time actually looks like.

Our SpeedPulse XT comes standard with every Lorch S SpeedPulse XT and is available as an upgrade option for the Lorch S Pulse XT. Would you like more details about the benefits our SpeedPulse XT has to offer?

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