SpeedRoot – for MIG-MAG root welding quality that is noticeably better

Previously, the main requirement for joining both edges of the material perfectly and as free from defects as possible was to apply this simple formula: root = TIG. Whilst enabling clean results, the application of this process was also exceedingly slow. SpeedRoot delivers dramatic speed benefits as well as MIG-MAG weld seams whose quality is on par with TIG welds. This superior performance is made possible by the high-end control technology that is built into every machine of the S-series! This technology controls the level of current and voltage with utmost precision, thereby guaranteeing high speed process reliability and flawless weld appearance. Anyone who has ever bridged a 4 mm gap on 3 mm sheets without weaving using the S-series and SpeedRoot will never want to go back to the solution they used before. Especially when they discover that the perfect weld seam they are looking at took them much less time than it would have if they had resorted to TIG welding.

Optimum, slightly rounded weld appearance without fusion defects - for maximum gap tolerance and gap bridging.

What is mainly crucial for root welding is what is otherwise not seen: Shown as a mirror image: weld front side (left) and weld rear side (right).