SpeedUp – experience an entirely new high during vertical seam welding

Up to now, vertical seam welding required a tremendous amount of experience and a steady hand. Now, professionals in trade and industry have a brand new, simple-to-use tool at their disposal - Lorch’s new S or P-series - that treats them to a perfectly coordinated welding process that is powerful enough to even substitute the supreme discipline of the trade – “Christmas tree welding”. SpeedUp combines the hot high-current phase with the cold phase to effect a reduced heat input - thereby, offering good penetration, exactly dimensioned weld seams and nearly perfect a-measurement dimensions. Unparalleled arc regulation delivers outstanding speed and produces results that show no transitions and virtually no spatter.

On the left, the challenging Christmas tree, on the right, the ingeniously simple SpeedUp.

Packing the power of the new Lorch S-XT, the concentrated SpeedUp arc is 100% faster on steel and stainless steel than conventional Christmas tree welding.