The equipment options of the new S-series

S SpeedPulse XTS-RoboMIG XT
"Welding process” equipment
New Synergic MIG-MAG standard welding program*
SpeedArc XT* (incl. SpeedArc)
Pulse (incl. TwinPuls)
SpeedPulse XT* (incl. SpeedPulse, Speed-TwinPuls, TwinPuls XT)
TIG (with ContacTIG)-
"Cooling system variant” equipment
Cooling system (1.1 kW)
Boosted cooling (1.5 kW)**

Cooling system with large pump**
(for long Interpass hoses ≥  20m and for working at heights)

All systems are also provided with the electrode welding function as standard equipment.
* With innovative dynamic control.
** Only available in combination with the single wire feeder systems (B versions).

● Standard equipment
○ Optionally available

The technical data of the new S-series

S3 mobil SpeedPulse XTS3 SpeedPulse XTS5 SpeedPulse XTS8 SpeedPulse XT
Welding range (in A)25-32025-32025-40025-500
Voltage adjustmentinfinitely variableinfinitely variableinfinitely variableinfinitely variable
Duty cycle
Duty cycle 100% 40°C (in A)250250320400
Duty cycle 60% 40°C (in A)280280350500
Duty cycle I max. 40°C (in %)40405060
Feed and wire
Feed system4 rolls (2 driven)4 rolls (2 driven)4 rolls (2 driven)4 rolls (2 driven)
weldable wires, steel (in mm)0,6-1,20,6-1,20,6-1,60,6-1,6
weldable wires, steel, aluminium (in mm)1,0-1,21,0-1,21,0-1,61,0-2,4
Mains voltage (in V)400400400400
Phases (50/60 Hz)3~3~3~3~
positive mains tolerance (in %)15151515
negative mains tolerance (in %)15151515
Mains fuse (in A)16163235
Mains plugCEE 16CEE 16CEE 32CEE 32
Dimensions and weights
Dimensions (LxWxH) (in mm)812x340x518------
Dimensions - power source A-version (LxWxH) (in mm)--1116x463x8121116x463x8121116x463x812
Dimensions - power source B-version (LxWxH) (in mm)--1116x445x8551116x445x8551116x445x855
Weight (in kg)34------
Weight - power source A-version, gas-cooled (in kg)--92,897,3107,3
Weight - wire feeder (workshop model) (in kg)--20,220,220,2
Weight - water cooling (filled) (in kg)--14,714,714,7
Standards and approvals
NormEN 60974-01EN 60974-01EN 60974-01EN 60974-01
Protection category (EN 60529)IP23SIP23SIP23SIP23S
Class of insulationFFFF
Identification markingCE, SCE, SCE, SCE, S